This is where journey begins to your empowerment



Basic Holistic Coaching Program

This is 14 hours program. We meet 2 times per month (one meeting will take 2 hours), we meet in person or we will schedule a video call.


1) Analysis of the actual situation and setting the goal.

a) SWOT analysis

b) Energy and/or vitality index

c) Understanding of physical and mental blockages

d) Your competences – how to use them with high efficiency and effectiveness


2) Determination of the methodologies to follow and initiation

a) Body&Mind balance

b) Mindfulness

c) Yoga and/or Meditation


3) Deepening and learning of active relaxation excercises

a) Breathing excercises

b) Scanning of the body and consciousness relaxation

c) Understanding the functioning of the mind and how we obtain stress

d) Letting go the mind and minimize negative thoughts


4) Draw up a personalized  Self Care program for energy management 

a) Integrate in your daily life methods described in point 2 and 3

b) Career Coaching module

c) Life Coaching module

d) Quick ways to restore energy leaks


5) Evaluation of implemented Self Care program in your daily life

a)  Results

b) Adjustments of personalized program if necessary

c) Building a renewed trust towards yourself regarding your unique competences

d) Detailed plan for the next year to guarantee a permanent recovery


Now it is time to apply your new learned skills in your daily life


1) Step by step practical action plan private life

a) What to do? List the actions in comparison with your plan

b) How? Looking for sponsors and other people to help you

c) When? Daily, weekly and monthly timeframe – Commitment

d) Make it happen – Looking for a sponsor or sparring partner


Empower yourself and book an appointment with me 


Need more help, guidance and support. This is a moment where I become your sparring partner. 

We will meet 2 hours per month where we monitor the actions and realigning your life towards the original intentions

a) Happiness index – Work/Life Balance

b) Discussions about the barriers to overcome

c) Adjustments in the professional & private life

d) Integration of the practical learnings in your daily life